Kipini Lumshi forest Destruction: Part 1

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The blatant and wanton destruction of natural resources continues. Upon a recent visit to Kipini Conservancy, I was shocked as to what i found taking place. The forests are under threat once again. Logging and charcoal production are on the rise once again.

_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00555-20100224-1035In the above picture, it shows the sacks of charcoal harvested from the forest for commercial and domestic sale. And in the background you can see a cleared section of the forest. The picture below shows a charcoal burning area that was abandoned, we assume, on the culprit having being alerted of our arrival.

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These acts are so malicious that they are been extended to the wildlife in the area. The pictures below are what remain of an African Rock Python that was the victim of what we suspect to be an intentional fire attack.

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