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Kipini Conservancy @ the CBD Conference in Nairobi

From the 10th to the 28th of May 2010, at the United Nations Environment Program Headquarters in Nairobi, there is the ongoing conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity.

the conference has brought together key stakeholders from all corners of the globe.. this is a preamble to the COP10 meeting on CBD to be held in Nagoya Japan.

This is a remarkable occassion.This conference gives the opportunity to highlight the problems and weaknesses in current legislation to deal with the problems of biodiversity not only in Kenya but on a global level. A lot of the workshops are technical and dealing with the rewording and amendment of the current CBD document. But there are also side events that are topic specific dealing with issues such as biofuels, which i had the privledge of attending. There is also the issues of bird life, plants, agriculture in relation to biodiversity and the legal aspects of the CBD.

I will keep you posted on the progress as the conference moves along…

NB: There is also the issue of Invasive species, and i discovered that some of the plants and animals you and I regularly admire may be invasive species and pose a  huge risk to the overall biodiversity.

Again, will keep you posted…

Kipini Lumshi forest Destruction: Part 1

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The blatant and wanton destruction of natural resources continues. Upon a recent visit to Kipini Conservancy, I was shocked as to what i found taking place. The forests are under threat once again. Logging and charcoal production are on the rise once again.

_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00555-20100224-1035In the above picture, it shows the sacks of charcoal harvested from the forest for commercial and domestic sale. And in the background you can see a cleared section of the forest. The picture below shows a charcoal burning area that was abandoned, we assume, on the culprit having being alerted of our arrival.

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These acts are so malicious that they are been extended to the wildlife in the area. The pictures below are what remain of an African Rock Python that was the victim of what we suspect to be an intentional fire attack.

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Kipini Conservancy Invites YOU!!

Do you long to be one with nature? Or do you just need a well deserved  break? Do you want to help in conservation first hand?

Are you a student on gap year? Do you want a unique yet fun and exciting time to volunteer?

Are you a wildlife researcher? Are you in need of a rare and unique ecosystem in which to do your research?

If the answer to all or any of the questions is yes, then Kipini Conservancy would like to invite you to pay us a visit.

While here you can get the chance to interact with the local communities and see how they live, and if you like, spend a day or two and live as they live… The true local experience….  Just look at the picture. Would you not like to experience a traditional african living experience?


If you are more inclined towards aquatic lifestyles and activities, you also have the opportunity to interact (swim, see…) dolphins.

dolphin-wallpaper-31Or if you want, you can be part of the turtle and tortoise monitoring and conservation work that takes place in Kipini.. or just come to view the turtle nesting…

DSC02153 DSC02148DSC02152

Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can go for dhow rides in the Indian Ocean with the locals.


The options and activities are boundless.

If this interests you, feel free to get in touch with us, and share in the beauty and wonder that is Kipini Conservancy!!