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The Wild Side of Kipini: The Animal Story

Kipini Conservancy: Hakuna Njia. That is swahili for No Route or No access or not through way. But this is only for those who have malicious intent.Allow me to welcome you to Kipini.Pictures are worth a thousand words… thats if you know that many of course.The following story is one of pictures (and some words).This story is of what you will find in Kipini.If you were a carnivore or four legged quadruped or even a  2 legged flying mammal… or if you want the extreme end, a 6 – 100 legged creepy crawly, would you like to live here? (referring to the picture mate).It looks beautiful doesn’t it?Clear blue skies, water, green fields… I could go on until i run out words to use. If your a modest, yet in my opinion misguided walking creature like the crab, you will find a home here. In Kipini you will and can find common and not so common wildlife. You will find the large and majestic African Elephants, Hippos, Waterbuck, Kongoni, Impala. You name it. But those are the large ones. You can find smaller yet equally beautiful species here too. Although i know not their official names, look at the pictures. The frog no bigger than a coin, crawlers like the centipede and millipede… I will let the pictures say the rest.  But its not all a bed of roses and heavenly bliss. Amongst  certain species… actually all species of animals, there will be the occasional fight. Just ask him. And no the way he is wearing his horn is not the latest buffalo trend that didnt bode well with his comrades. What set out as a normal family fun day out turned out badly for one buffalo as he probably overstepped his grass eating privileges. This was of course not taken lightly by his kin folk. If you would like to experience and see all the drama, beauty and life for yourself, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to share this wonderful and beautiful world with you!!!